What is Prop?

  • In 2004 the Propagators Reef Organization Project (PROP) was founded. A group of hobbyists banded together, in the name of conservation, to promote captive propagation of corals for the aquarium hobby. PROP’s primary mission is to seek out and purchase captive grown coral fragments that have proven to be healthy, colorful and have an excellent survival rate. The secondary mission is to seek out other rare corals with potential. All PROP corals are then grown out and made available through auction to our reefing community.
  • PROP Auctions are held approximately 6 times a year. PROP frags (those grown by PROP farmers) are sold to the winning bidder with 100% of the sale going to purchase additional PROP Corals. Hobbyists are encouraged to propagate their own corals and auction them at the event with a small seller’s fee of 10% to be donated to PROP. Fees are reinvested for coral purchases or donated to AZ FRAG for special events. At no time do the PROP farmers receive money from the sale of PROP corals. ALL expenses incurred by the farmers as a result of caring for the PROP corals are absorbed by each farmer.


All bidders must be registered at the PROP Auction prior to the auction start and have an assigned Bidder/Seller number given at the auction. On-site registration for the day of the Auction can be done from 1:30pm – 2:00pm. The registration period will end promptly at 2:00pm; if you have not registered by this time you will not be able to bid/sell during the auction (Please remember to double check your Bidder/Seller number with the PROP registrar on the day of the auction to ensure you are using the correct number). Registration is required only one time and you will retain the same number each Auction. Check-out for items bought/sold will only be available after the Auction has concluded. No check-outs will be allowed while the Auction is running. Buyers only will check out first.


Sellers are limited to 15 items total. Nine days prior to the Auction (Friday night by 8pm) a thread will be posted announcing the Auction and requesting all items up for auction. Sellers must post their PROP Bidder/Seller number when listing items. All Auction items, including pictures, descriptions and starting bid prices must be posted on the thread by 12:00am (midnight) Thursday prior to the Auction. After the final list has been compiled, PROP will post a FINAL AUCTION LIST thread on Friday which will list all items for sale, with their assigned lot numbers, and the items will be auctioned in the order they were posted. Sellers need to note the lot number their item(s) have been assigned so that during the auction items can be distributed in a timely fashion. You are encouraged to print the FINAL AUCTION LIST to help keep track on Auction day. Items will be sold in whole-dollar increments only. Sellers will be able to check out once all the buyers have completed checking out.


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  • Wayne (Forum Name: kresdfw)
  • Jason (Forum Name: Frick)
  • Brad (Forum Name: urbaneks)
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